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Introducing Sandy on video
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Graduate Royal Military College Duntroon

Chartered Civil Engineer Sydney University

Decorated with Military Cross and American Bronze Star for bravery

Piece of Mind
his first book is an Australasian Best Seller with more than 120,000 sales


Creating Happiness Intentionally
– is about determining and working towards your Life’s Purpose. This book will show you how to do it. Endorsed by Dr Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, Robyn Henderson, Ita Buttrose, Allan Pease …….. and more.

Switch On to Your Inner Strength – it is not until we are challenged by adversity that we really experience our inner strength.  This book is about how to use your inner strength at any time, to enhance your peace and power.

No Need for Heroes a book on his Vietnam experiences which has received fantastic accolades and has been used  as a source for leadership presentations by Australian Army Officers going for promotion.

Students Steps to Success has been acclaimed by School Principals and University Professors and is now being used internationally.  “It is the knowledge and techniques to become the success that you the student deserves to be, that is the focus of this book.” – David Smith, Associate Professor, School of Teaching and Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Sydney.

Dynamic Speaker/Presenter, appearing on national TV and radio.

Conducts Corporate and Public Training Programs and Seminars throughout Australasia.  



I have led an interesting and challenging life thus far. My military career was really rewarding, especially as a commander of 68 soldiers in Vietnam in 1965. We pioneered the neutralising of booby traps and unexploded bombs, plus we were the first Allied troops down tunnels (Operation Crimp in the Iron Triangle).

My citation for the Military Cross reads in part:

"Captain MacGregor as Troop Commander has in the most dangerous and trying periods of operations, shown outstanding leadership, technical and planning ability and complete disregard for his own safety. All his tasks have been carried out in an exemplary manner. The proven ability of 3 Field Troop, and its very high rating among other units in the area, is due very largely to his dedicated leadership, courage and ability."

Highlights in my Reserve Army career included my command of the Officer Cadet Training Unit (1975-78) where I was responsible for the selection and training of recruits to be leaders in the Army Reserve; and my command of the University of NSW Regiment (1978-81), a unit with a strength of 450 personnel whose role was to provide officer training for selected university undergraduates. Furthermore I trained officers for more senior rank and extended the leadership training to divisional exercises.
My civilian career has spanned tasks from running my own companies (gem mining to management consulting) to being the National Production Manager of a large American bedding and furniture company.

In 1987 tragedy struck - my three daughters were gunned down and killed in their Sydney home by an intruder. I went to the brink of mental devastation. By using a powerful mind technique I saved my life from becoming one of hatred and self pity.

I was able to come to terms with the death of my three daughters .... And I found that when I was 'stressed out' I could literally release that stress in 30 seconds. Thankfully I had developed this skill before the crisis.
I started investigating this technique in 1981 when my eldest son, Andrew, was using it to control his asthma attacks. The profound power of it was demonstrated when Andrew was in a motor bike accident. He used this technique to save his badly broken leg from amputation. Using the same technique I released 22 kilograms, reduced my blood pressure and bought down my pulse rate. I went on to find that I could triple my learning rate and take on new challenges without stress.

Since 1989 I have taught hundreds of thousands these very same powerful techniques. Leadership is enhanced when personal effectiveness is promoted by using these easy to learn and scientifically proven techniques.

In 2008 I was appointed as the Honorary Colonel of the University of NSW Regiment and I am invited to  share my experiences with the Officers of the Royal Australian Engineers in formal settings three times a year.

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